• Issues in European Interracial Dating That Have to Be Addressed Posted by Admin

    Interracial dating is a fairly common thing, right? After all we’ve outgrown all the prejudice and racism of the 1960s. Racist groups and people tend to keep to themselves while a more tolerant majority generation voices their diverse opinions.

    Well yes…and no. While it’s true we’ve made tremendous progress in the last 20 years, some prejudices remain, even in the mainstream. Some of these attitudes may be spread by hate groups or controversial political figures. But then again, there are also more subtle racist attitudes.

    You may wonder what does my country think of racism now?

    A recent article in MNIAlive suggested that interracial dating is / was more of a scandal in the UK than in the United States, because the media depiction of black culture hasn’t been entirely positive. Some families (or interracial couples) have been shown as disadvantaged, or dysfunctional, in contrast to “normal” same race relationships, or at least that’s what the author has observed.

    The author also writes that the United States media has recently shown more favourable depictions of black and other minority families on TV and in movies; in positions of power, with happy families, and married happily to interracial partners. The author suggests that black-owned media organisations in the U.S., may be partly to credit, with channels like BET, Ebony and Essence, whereas UK media may not benefit from the same influence.

    In closing, the article suggested that multiculturalism is more accepted now in the UK than in past years because people simply have had more time to learn, tolerate and accept differences. While the MNI Alive article was surprising, a recent article at the Irish Times was even more controversial, since it suggested that within Ireland, a sense of Patriarchy (as in Irish men owning Irish women) still exists and it may perpetuate subtle or even overt feelings of racism.

    The easy answer is, of course, that there is no universal feeling of how a country feels about racism. As individuals, as lovers of freewill and fairness, we must become more enlightened. We must not only “tolerate” interracial dating and marriage (which yes, does include sexual experimentation), but must encourage other people to follow their heart and date whomever they want.

    Remember that there are degrees of racism. Some views are strong and blatantly offensive, while others are more annoying and stereotyping. However, it serves no purpose to get offended and cut off family members of friends for making a mistake. Instead, take the opportunity to teach others why stereotypes are wrong and why people believe them. A little negotiation and patience can go a long way in perpetuating more positive relations with all our friends and neighbours.

    You have a great opportunity right now to go and find an attractive partner, of any race or ethnicity you want, and see what happens. You can use an app and search locally or even do a more niche-oriented search, with keywords or shared mutual interests. The whole world awaits you so start reaching out to others and see what you find.

  • The Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Interracial Couples Posted by Admin

    Anniversaries are special occasions where interracial couples celebrate their love for each other. If you’re struggling to think of what to do for your anniversary with your partner of another race, here are a few cute interracial dating ideas.

    1. No-Cost Video

    This one is for the lover on a budget. No money doesn’t have to mean that there’s no creativity. An easy way to brighten up your partner’s day is by making a video slideshow of all your best times together.

    Choose pictures from when you met to where you are today and show them in chronological order with captions of where and when each picture was taken. Pick your favorite love song and set it as the background music.

    If you post this on Facebook or send it to them privately during the day when they might be at work, it is guaranteed to put an instant smile on their face since they will be so surprised.

    2. An Engraved Lighter

    Have a bit more money to spare? Why not get them something that will last them a lifetime, just like your love.

    A good quality lighter like a Zippo can be custom engraved with both your initials as well as the date of your anniversary.

    Each time they light a cigarette or a fire they will be reminded of you and how lucky they are to have you.

    3. A Picture Locket

    Old-school never goes out of style. A cute heart locket that has tiny pictures of the two of you inside makes for a perfect romantic gift. You could go the extra mile and invest in a music box that has a picture in it for even more old-school charm that is sure to sweep your partner off their feet.

    4. A Travel Vacation

    This is even better if your partner is from another country. Say, for example, that you’re dating an African woman from Nigeria, but the two of you are living elsewhere.

    Why not surprise her with an all-expenses paid for vacation to her hometown where the two of you can see the sights and spend time with her family? It’s a great gift that shows her you are in it for the long haul.

    Even if you’re both from the same country, nobody will ever turn down a paid vacation with the one they love!

    5. Home-Made Dinner

    This one can be the most romantic experience of your life if done right. Get in touch with your roots by preparing your partner a traditional spread they won’t soon forget.

    If you’re Indian, surprise them with great curry, home-made naan, and all the other treats you can think of. If you’re Italian, show them exactly why your country is world-renowned for its amazing pasta.

    Spice up the décor by hanging fairy lights, making a comfortable sitting area, and waiting for them at home with a drink in hand.

    It will be one of the most unforgettable and romantic surprises of their life and it will make your anniversary of interracial dating a great one.


    While dating, it’s highly important to keep track of some crucial things in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

    Follow these dating safety tips in order to date safely with your interracial partner. Regardless of whether or not you date online or offline, you need to be aware of certain things while dating.


    This is the first and the most important thing to keep in mind in your interracial dating journey. Always trust your gut feeling and instincts. This means that it’s perfectly fine to remain anonymous until the time you feel is right to share your personal details and information with your potential partner.

    Whenever you start to feel uncomfortable during an online incident, immediately stop responding. You can also report strange behaviour online.


    In your interracial dating online, you must always act with caution. This means that you should only show everyone the information which you feel safe and comfortable sharing. For example, your phone number and home address are something you shouldn’t share with everyone while you are making your profile on an interracial dating website.

    In addition, when you’re logging into your account from a computer that isn’t your own personal computer, ensure that other people can neither view nor log your password or personal information. If you’re using a shared computer or laptop with others, disable the feature to automatically log you in.


    Make sure you don’t share your real name, personal phone numbers, email address, home address, place of work or other vital information about yourself with your potential partner until you’re able to establish trust. Also, never divulge personal contact details in the profile or username on any interracial dating site.


    You must get to know certain important things about your partner online, before deciding to meet him/her in person. Be sure that you are interested in each other by chatting and asking them lots of questions before meeting.

    Chat and talk with that person and try to know who they really are, so that you won’t be putting yourself into a risky situation. It’s perfectly normal to delay meeting in person until you feel comfortable.


    You can stay anonymous until you feel comfortable sharing your name or pictures with someone you’re chatting with on interracial dating app. Reveal it only when you start trusting and feeling secure with him or her. You can still chat online while remaining anonymous.


    Never share your financial info with your prospective partner or send money to them. No matter their excuses, how dire their pleas may be or how politely they request money, never send out your financial info to him or her. This ranges from your credit card info, social security number to the name of your bank. You should report the person if they ask you to send money as he or she may likely be a fraudster.

  • Interracial dating: 3 Ways a white woman can prevent withdrawing in a black man Posted by Admin

    Black men are no different from any other man of any race and can become distant in an interracial relationship. This can be brought up by the way the woman he is with is communicating her emotions to him. If you are a white woman in an interracial relationship and your partner is withdrawing, this article will highlight three wonderful ways to bridge the gap and bring him closer to you.

    I. It is sometimes natural for a black man to withdraw so stay centred

    Men of all races not just black men are known to sometimes be in their own world but this does not mean they love you any less. Love is a beautiful thing and can leave a black man feeling vulnerable. Withdrawing is just a way of him not wanting to lose himself. He will come in and out of this phrase but one of the things you can do as his woman when this happens is to simply remind yourself that this is completely natural. If he loves you and sees you in his future, these phases will happen less often the longer you stay together.

    II. Snap him back to reality by creating tension

    As his woman, when your interracial partner or man withdraws, it is natural to want to lean in and close the gap, however, this requires plenty of effort. When you are putting in plenty of effort to close the gap, it can cause your man to resist any attempts to make things better. Why is that the case? It is because you are making him feel forced to get out of that mind set. The best way to create tension is to give him some space. Do not message or call him at all, let him be the one to make the decision to come to you. As soon as he does it will make you feel a whole lot better and desired by him.

    III. Use feeling messages to connect with his heart strings

    When a man is pulling back, it is normal to feel some type of way inside because you might feel uncertain, upset or ignored. When he eventually snaps out of it and comes back to reality, it is hard to pretend like everything is okay because you will want him to know that you were hurt by his actions. Words carry a lot of meaning and need to be picked wisely because they can make the connection you have deeper and he will become more respectful of your feelings next time he wants a moment to himself. The best way to go about things is to communicate with him in a way which conveys how you truly feel without putting the blame on him. Using words like “I am so thrilled you called me” is a lot better than “why did you not bother to call me”. Showing your man that having an interracial relationship with you is a great and fun experience will make him feel happier. If he notices that you didn’t let you emotions get out of hand, it will make him become connected and closer to you.

  • 5 cost effective interracial date ideas Posted by Admin

    Choosing a place to have a date is almost as difficult as choosing the person you want to get into a relationship with. Great date ideas are very hard to come up with especially if a relationship is in its early stages and you are looking to build a bond with your partner. You do not want to burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to your date ideas and this article will point out some great date ideas for those interracial couples who do not want to burn the bank.

    I.Take advantage of the great outdoors

    A stroll in the park or a walk on the beach is a wonderful date idea for interracial couples because it allows them to take in the national scenery of the area they are. It gives couples a chance to chat about every happening in their lives ensuring there is never dull moment in the relationship. The best part about this date idea is it is completely free and can be very romantic if both partners make the most of it by sitting on the park bench for example and watching the sunset.

    II.Participate in sporting activities together

    If both of you are fans of sports and love to be active, that can be incorporated on dates. Games that involve couples like badminton, tennis, table tennis are exciting and do wonders as far as bonding is concerned. The most important thing is to always be gracious in defeat and not be a hot head when you lose because there is no problem with some healthy competition as long as it does not get out hand.

    III.Go swimming

    Swimming is very romantic too and a great interracial dating idea. Picking the local club in the area that you live in is a very cheap option. It gives both of you the opportunity to see what each other looks like in swimwear.


    Nothing beats a great picnic and it is an incredible dating idea for interracial couple and has worked for the couple for generations. The key here is to pick a wonderful and cosy spot and bring with you homemade food or brunch. When everything falls into place, both of you can be sure it will be a wonderful time.

    V.Go for a long drive as a couple

    Getting into a car and driving through picturesque is not just an awesome date idea, it is very cheap too. This gives you some time together without being disturbed by anyone and it will be just you two in a vehicle, talking and holding hands. The only thing you will be paying for is the fuel but it is worth every penny.

    Dates provide both of you the chance to get to know what each other likes and things you share in common. It gives you both an idea of the type of person your partner is and with the black women white men dating ideas pointed out in this article; you can feel confident knowing you will make your date special without spending a lot of money.