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    Despite huge strides when it comes to Interracial relationships, they still remain grey area among a significant number of members of society, and have not been wholly accepted. Black women should not feel obligated to solely love men who share the same skin pigmentation as them. Therefore, black women should pursue interracial love because of a number of reasons, including:


    Black women who boldly engage in interracial relationships have infinite exposure and learning experienceswhich will build them for the better such as;

    Exposure to new country- In some cases, couples in an interracial relationship hail from different countries. The different background provides an opportunity to the black woman to travel and live in a newer country.

    Exposure to new culture and religion- Living with a person from a different background means you’ll learn new and interestingways of living and religion such as Islam, Hindu. This will help the black woman appreciate the other party even more.

    Learning new Language- Black women stand at a better position to learn their significant others’ nativelanguagesuch as German.This goes two ways because the other party can learn the black woman’s native language as well.

    New ways of thinking- Being in love with a person from a different race gives the black woman a chance to learn how different the two races differ and try to merge the two. By incorporating these two ways of thinking, she comes up with a new way of thinking altogether.

    Exposure to new things will help black women benefit from these learning and growth opportunities.

    Making the world a better place.

    Black women should not fear loving men from different races. The mushrooming of interracial relationships gives the world a more habitable feel. This is because the initially existing boundaries in relation to who one should or should not date are broken.

    Yielding stronger beliefs

    Being in an interracial relationshipenables the black woman to become even stronger in what she believes. This is because interracial relationship is already an obstacle in some places, and the fact that her relationship was successful, will translate to even stronger beliefs that virtually anything is possible.

    Laws that advocate for interracial love

    With the everdynamic political and legal stage, interracial relationships are now enshrined within the law. In most parts of the world, legal stipulations recognize interracial love. Therefore, black women should feel comfortable in loving peoplefrom different races.

    Love and Respect.

    Interracial couples are still viewed conspicuously because people believe that the couple is together for reasons other than love. This is however far from the truth because, like any other couple, interracial couple exists because there is mutual love and respect. As long as these two virtues exist in the relationship, the black woman is justified to be in an interracial love.


    There are numerous reasons for black womento be in an interracial relationship and in this day and age no one should dictate to a black woman who she should or should not love.

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