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    Australia is an interesting country with Australia interracial dating. Its history of early colonialization was similar to the founding of the America’s, with the unwanted elements of society shipped away first to work in prisoner labor camps. The similarities end there. While Australia grew slowly, making it one of the most sparsely populated countries per square mile, the Americas grew by leaps and bounds, attracting people from every walk of life.

    Life Down Under

    Australia’s growth was aided by a steady influx of migrants from the Asian countries, including China, Japan, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. Currently, there are nearly as many Australians of Chinese origin as Scottish.

    Traditionally, the Asian community lived apart from the white colonies, but changes over the last few decades has created a more relaxed, more integrated society. Over one third of Australians claim mixed-race heritage, with the largest percentage claiming an Asian/White heritage.

    The Frontier Flavor

    Australians are an urbanized people with a taste for the wild frontier. Their extremely modern cities travel around the coastline, with very little settlement in the hot, dry interior. However, the same party animals who are up all night bringing down the house, love dining at restaurants and attending theater, are also an outdoor people who love exploring caves, climbing rocks, swimming, hiking, bicycling and boating.

    The Human Development index rates Australia number two for quality of life, with Norway in the number one position. Australia has a healthy people, with a long- life expectancy, stable economy, job growth and high degree of literacy.

    The Biggest Mix

    Sidney is the most mixed -race city in Australia. It has more mixed marriages and mixed couple dating than any other Australian city, but the most culturally diverse place is Blackburn. A 2011 census revealed that the city of 340,000 had residents from 143 different countries, making it possibly the most diverse city in the world.

    Blackburn is located on the west side of Sydney. Over forty percent of its residents were born overseas and approximately thirty-seven percent speak a language other than English at home. The Philippines represent the largest migrant group, while those from India represent the second largest.

    Blacktown also has the largest percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people who call the area home; representing 2.7 percent of the population.

    The Indigenous Mix

    From near extinction, the indigenous population of Australia has slowly been rebuilding its ranks, with over 500,000 claiming to be Aboriginal or Torres Islander, and a growing number stating they are of mixed race. Nearly sixty percent of the indigenous population live in South Wales or Queensland, representing approximately three percent of the region’s overall population.

    Indigenous people make up the largest percentage of Australia’s least populated states. Although the state covers over 500,000 square miles, it’s home to only 244,000 people. Sixty percent of those rugged northern territory residents are indigenous people. The progressive atmosphere of Australia is encouraging for mixed race dating.

    Centuries old traditions in separatism have melted away in favor of a more inclusive society. Modern youth take pride in their mixed- race heritage. The vibrant people are healthy, energetic and well-educated. A mixed race cultural experience will be highly dependent on location, with Sydney the most integrated, and the northern territories for the true indigenous experience.

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