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    Your Black and White Chances

    Some blame it on television and current celebrity couples, but black and white dating has become the hip thing to do. However, not everyone is rushing over to the other side. Only fourteen percent of black men are married to non-black women, and only seven percent of black women are dating non-black men.

    This places the percentage of black women dating outside their race lower than the percentage for Russian women. Over half of Russian women dating internationally had dated interracially, but said they enjoyed dating men from India or Native American men. Nine percent stated they dated black men, which is on average with American women.

    The Asian Equation

    Les noticed are Asian and black interracial dating. It’s extremely rare and generally happens only when a black man dates an Asian woman.

    Asian men and black women have something in common, however. One of the largest interracial groups is white men dating Asian women. This gives Asian men and black women something in common.While they aren’t dating outside of their race, their opposite sex counterparts are, creating a more competitive playing field.

    The Latin Beat

    The Hispanic people hold a peculiar status. As a race, they could have a European background; generally Spanish; although not necessarily. Other European heritages could include Italian, French, German or Danish. Other backgrounds could include Native American, African American or an interracially mixed background. Sometimes, the only thing two Hispanics might have in common is that they are Latin American and have the same language base. Hispanic men and women are equally casual about dating outside their ethnic group, and many already live in interracial households.

    Growing Trends

    The statistics may look small in terms of whose getting involved in interracial dating, but they are changing rapidly. Over half of all Millennial’s are casual about interracial dating or are already involved in an interracial relationship. Behind them are a new group of youth, highly influenced by the already integrated community.

    The Internet is largely responsible for this growing trend. With an international community at their fingertips, people of all ages are exploring the social atmosphere and cultural environment of contacts made half way across the world. They join chat rooms and social networking sites, frankly talking about who they are and what they believe. Interracial dating sites give them the opportunity to cross the cumbersome boundaries that so often present themselves in friends’ circles and public forums. Users can be frank about their interracial attractions and find dating partners within a private format.

    The Great Thing About It

    If you’re young, you live in a wonderful generation. You can date anyone you please without damaging your approval ratings. As an interracial couple, you’ll be part of the hip crowd, the people in the know on multi-cultural mingling. If you’re an older person, it might be a little more difficult to find a comfort zone for you and your date, but the youth crowd will adore you.

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