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    Dating could be termed at the early stage of romantic or sexual relationship which involved two or more individuals who meet socially and possibly became friends with the aim of getting to know each other deeply or assessing each other to determine the suitability of a potential partner for a more dedicated intimate relationship or even marriage.

    There have been several types of dating lately which consist of social activities done by the parties involved like the single dates which involve just a man and a woman or a group date, in which a group of men meet a group of women at the same venue at the same time, each individuals take turn to engage the opposite sex in a conversation.

    The dating practices and the terms used to describe dating varies substantially from race to race and over a period of time. With the advancement of technology, people meet and can date via internet (social media and dating websites), telephone, and might later decide to meet in person.

    To meet someone with common interest and similar believe could be a major challenge on it's own, to talk about interracial dating whereby there are different cultures and believes. The whites and black dating or vice versa in particular is a major concern, based on the believe that no white should date nor marry a black person, because of the blacks were enslaved by the whites in the time past, and this has led to racism and segregation. But the main challenge with people of different races is the difference in culture not really the different skin colors.

    However, there are some similarities between the races and the cultures. Other factors responsible are the negative stereotypes and stigmas; for a black dating a white it's a 'trophy' while a white dating a black it's a 'filthy'. Even black to black relationships are becoming less desirable because of these negative factors, most of which are just myth. However, despite all the stigmas and stereotypes some persons pay no attention nor concern to people's reactions about dating black persons irrespective of their history and background.

    Generally most ladies want to be deal with as a queen would be treated, also men want to be respected by their women. A rational human being should be able to go for who suits and benefits him or her. There are several reasons why interracial dating should be recommended. Let us take a quick view at some of the benefits of dating a black person.

    Most blacks are ambitious and beautiful dreamers, and cannot be weigh down by the disbelief of people around him or her while pursuing his dreams and vision and might stop at nothing to achieve them. Any person who desired to be with a self-driven person or wants be inspired to be achieve great feats needs a black person.

    The respect for woman and family is another sweet thing a black man possesses which are more visible in the way a black man treats his mother, you are free to make a logical conclusion that he is more likely to treats his woman in similar manner.

    Women are known to be more religious than men in every race, however, black women are the most religious judging by the high level of religiosity of women in the USA. More the reason most black men prefer the white women or any other race who they considered less religious as they are. Similarly, the black women tends to turn down romantic approaches from white men based on religiosity.

    In most establishments, blacks go about going their works or jobs with so much charisma as if they own everything even when they might be just a casual worker. That’s a trait of diligence and hard work most blacks possess.

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