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  • The White World of Interracial Dating Posted by Admin

    Statistics and behaviors aren’t always the same. Although perceptions are changing so rapidly, 51% of Americans state interracial dating is good for society, up from 37% just four years ago. However, only six percent of whites are dating people of another color.

    Region Matters

    If you are a person of a separate race dating a white person, the region really does matter. Many states that support a liberal view of interracial dating have a predominately white society, but it doesn’t mean they have integrated. You may receive some very strange looks from the neighborhood accustomed to seeing only white with white dates. There may be some whispering, a lot of awkwardness and a few inappropriate questions.

    Surprisingly, in the Southern states, where racial tension has existed a long time, black and white dates are getting together in enthusiastic numbers, especially among the younger crowd. You may have to bear a few ethnic jokes, and there may be some strain among the family, but generally speaking, the South has begun to enjoy its integration.

    The White Minority

    White people who date interracially create their own minority. While they will probably have a strong inner circle of family and friends, they are treated differently, as though they’ve suddenly developed another color. In public, they will experience whatever insult or humiliation their date experiences. They will be met with thoughtless comments if they have an interracial child, such as “where did you adopt him?” Or “he’s so light! I thought he would be darker”.

    Family members may say things like, “Your Aunt Jessica totally disapproves and won’t come to the family gathering, but that’s all right. We know how you have to try everything at least once.” It’s not intentional cruelty. It’s the insulated view of a society that has never crossed racial boundaries.

    The Emerging White Race

    Statistics have another way of interfering with reality. A light-skinned Hispanic who marries a white person is no longer considered Hispanic, but white. There are many who are of mixed race with light skin who check the box, “white”. At one time, it was a way to blend with a predominantly white world, but those times are changing.

    The Millennials have a great deal to do with this. Undisturbed about race, they find it satisfying if they can claim a mixed heritage, and if none of the other boxes fit, they’re perfectly happy to check “other”. This change in attitudes has created a more relaxed atmosphere that simply ignores statistics and encourages individual development, as well as healthy, satisfying dating.

    Making New Ties

    Society hasn’t become fully integrated, with the majority of interracial dating among Native Americans, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics, but this is largely due to demographics. We are more connected than we ever have been before, with instant communications and a diverse landscape. We have the opportunity to cross all boundaries and simply date the person of choice because that’s who we’re attracted to. It’s not a trial run. It’s living life to its fullest, with all the wonderful experiences that can be gained with an interracial relationship.

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