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  • The Native American Interracial Hook-up Posted by Admin

    At least one out of five Americans believe they have some Native American blood. However, to be recognized as a Native American, you must be registered with a tribe or pass a DNA test. Some tribes require as little as one-sixteenth to be accepted, others as high as twenty-five percent. For this reason, the actual percentage of recognized Native Americans is very low in most states.

    The Stereotypes They Don’t Want to Hear

    You don’t have to put on feathers and do a dance in order to date a Native American. You don’t have to tell them you’re sorry about the past. You weren’t there and neither were they. The past is over. Don’t ask what your spirit animal is or if they can speak in their native tongue, unless you’re ready to read a tarot deck and can speak that Germanic language your ancestors left behind two hundred years ago. While Native Americans are struggling to preserve their culture and their languages, they are forward thinking and generally have progressive attitudes. Do invite your dating American date over for Thanksgiving. They like being thankful as much as anyone.

    Native American Identity

    If you’re dating a Native American, chances are you’ll find a very high-spirited, friendly person who enjoys parties, dining, dancing to modern music and recreational activities. Once you’ve become part of the family, you’ll notice they are some of the most polite people imaginable. They don’t just care for the elders. They are the most highly respected members of their community. If an elderly person walks into the room, the proper thing to do is to leap up and offer your chair. Native Americans see their group as a whole, and can be very tolerant and forgiving of not-so-well-behaved members. They prefer to be non-judgmental unless things get too out of hand. The mediation will be their way. Don’t give advice unless you’re asked.

    The Black Native American

    About 5% of the African Americans within the Continental United States have some Native American blood, with the exception of the Seminole Indians, who accepted hundreds of black settlers into their communities and absorbed them into their tribe. The Seminole’s of today continue to own their own land. They are a proud and independent group, who generate an income from tourism and casinos. If you’re dating a Seminole, you have all the means of entertainment right at your finger-tips.

    The Egalitarian Native American

    Modern day Native Americans are leaving their troubled history behind in the hopes of a more egalitarian American. They lead every race or ethnic group far behind in interracial relationships. Fifty-eight percent of Native Americans are dating people of another race, as opposed to the next highest interracial group; Asians, with a little over a third in a mixed race relationship. The statistics include the Alaskan Natives, who have over a century of mixed race marriages, and are the largest Native American group in the United States. Your Native American date could be the beginning of a long-term relationship in which you can tell your children, “yes. You are a Native American”.

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