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    While interracial marriages are on the rise, some states have been integrating their love affairs for a long time. As natural melting pots, New York City and Los Angeles are often looked up to as the friendliest places for interracial dating, they actually match the national average for new mixed race marriages.

    Give Your Heart to San Francisco

    Known more for flower power and a throbbing musical beat, San Francisco is one of the most integrated cities in the Continental United States. Less than half the population declares an all-white heritage. Its blend includes a thirty-three percent Asian population, a diverse concentration of Hispanic heritages, African/Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. According to San Francisco residents, it’s more unusual to see couples of the same race than couples with a mixed race heritage.

    Border Love in the Rio Grande

    Because of highly vocalized politics, it seems unusual to consider Texas a prime location for interracial dating, yet the Rio Grande has been integrating its courtships for over a century. The interracial connection can be traced back to the Civil War, with black settlers moving into the area and marrying ethnic Mexicans soon after their arrival. By the turn of the twentieth century, new waves of black settlers moved into the booming agricultural hub and quickly joined the ethnic blend. It continues to be a place of interracial, inter-ethnic marriage freedom, despite efforts since 1949 to separate black, white and Hispanic cultures throughout Texas.

    West Coast Turn-Around

    In general, the West Coast has more tolerant views, with Portland, Oregon polishing its interracial buttons as one of the most rapidly growing regions for mixed race marriages. Stripping the national average of a fourteen percent rise in interracial couples, in Oregon, twenty-four percent of newly-weds have a spouse of a different race or ethnic origins. Seattle falls a little behind, but Seattle residents say it’s because it’s always raining and the only color they can see is gray.

    Icy Escapades

    Bundle up. The frozen north really has a heart, and it gets warm enough for a little romantic love. Alaska is the second most integrated state for mixed race marriages and interracial relationships never looked better. It has the highest Native American population by percentage, with over a third claiming an Alaskan indigenous heritage. Haul out your fishing equipment. The Bristol Bay area, with a broad mix of Native Alaskan, white and Asian residents claims nineteen percent of its population is of a mixed race. In the 1970’s, over sixty percent of Alaskans claimed a white heritage, but the number has shrunk to just under half as more and more Alaskans check the box for “mixed race”.


    Hawaii does it best for bringing out the welcome wagon for mixed race couples, but it’s had a lot of practice. It has led the United States in mixed race marriages for decades and sees no reason to change the statistics. Nearly one third of the island marriages are among mixed race couples, four times the national average. Although Islanders say not all the problems concerning their racial and ethnic diversity have been worked out, it’s still the best place in the United States for mixed race dating

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