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    If you’ve found yourself attracted to someone of another race, rest assured that you aren’t the first person to be experiencing the worries and concerns. Interracial dating is more and more common in today’s melting pot society. Nonetheless, it still comes with complications more than that of same race dating.

    Interracial dating has different rules and expectations. Some of these are subtle, others glaringly obvious. This article is here to point out some of the basic dos and don’ts of interracial dating.

    DO keep an open mind

    This is a really important point to note. It is really important to respect the other person’s cultural background and be open and curious about it. You should ask questions and engage yourself in their cultural background as your relationship progresses.

    DON’T think interracial dating is so strange

    As said earlier, you’re not the first person to be in an interracial relationship. In fact, interracial dating is more common than you may think. You aren’t going to be the only mixed race couple to be walking around town. Thinking that your relationship is strange and odd instantly makes it harder for yourself to accept it.

    DO focus on the person

    You are dating a person, not a race. This is something to keep in mind. When you date someone, you date them for their personalities, hobbies, and interests that have attracted you. You aren’t dating them just for their race. Race is part of the person, but it isn’t the defining feature or quality.

    DON’T date for a fetish

    There are some strange fetishes surrounding dating someone from a different racial background. You should be clear about your intentions, and your partner’s intentions, when dating interracially. Dating for a black fetish isn’t going to get your too far in the long run.

    DO invest in their culture

    Your partner has a cultural heritage and background that is completely different to your own. This is an exciting chance to invest time in learning about. Share your own experiences and allow your relationship to grow and flourish. Combining cultures means you get to experience the best of two unique worlds. This is a rare and exciting chance.

    DON’T put them on a pedestal

    Just because your partner has a different race to you doesn’t mean that they have superpowers. They are still just human and need to be treated equally to you. Racial inequality is the last thing you want to occur in your relationship, even if it is unequal because you admire their race so much. Ultimately you don’t want to draw too much attention to your racial differences.

    DO maintain your standards

    Everyone has standards when dating. If the person you’re with doesn’t meet your standards, don’t be afraid to leave. Just because they have a different racial background doesn’t mean they can compromise your standards. You need to be happy with yourself in your interracial relationships by maintaining your standards.

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