• Should Black Women Pursue Interracial Love? Posted by Admin

    Despite huge strides when it comes to Interracial relationships, they still remain grey area among a significant number of members of society, and have not been wholly accepted. Black women should not feel obligated to solely love men who share the same skin pigmentation as them. Therefore, black women should pursue interracial love because of a number of reasons, including:


    Black women who boldly engage in interracial relationships have infinite exposure and learning experienceswhich will build them for the better such as;

    Exposure to new country- In some cases, couples in an interracial relationship hail from different countries. The different background provides an opportunity to the black woman to travel and live in a newer country.

    Exposure to new culture and religion- Living with a person from a different background means you’ll learn new and interestingways of living and religion such as Islam, Hindu. This will help the black woman appreciate the other party even more.

    Learning new Language- Black women stand at a better position to learn their significant others’ nativelanguagesuch as German.This goes two ways because the other party can learn the black woman’s native language as well.

    New ways of thinking- Being in love with a person from a different race gives the black woman a chance to learn how different the two races differ and try to merge the two. By incorporating these two ways of thinking, she comes up with a new way of thinking altogether.

    Exposure to new things will help black women benefit from these learning and growth opportunities.

    Making the world a better place.

    Black women should not fear loving men from different races. The mushrooming of interracial relationships gives the world a more habitable feel. This is because the initially existing boundaries in relation to who one should or should not date are broken.

    Yielding stronger beliefs

    Being in an interracial relationshipenables the black woman to become even stronger in what she believes. This is because interracial relationship is already an obstacle in some places, and the fact that her relationship was successful, will translate to even stronger beliefs that virtually anything is possible.

    Laws that advocate for interracial love

    With the everdynamic political and legal stage, interracial relationships are now enshrined within the law. In most parts of the world, legal stipulations recognize interracial love. Therefore, black women should feel comfortable in loving peoplefrom different races.

    Love and Respect.

    Interracial couples are still viewed conspicuously because people believe that the couple is together for reasons other than love. This is however far from the truth because, like any other couple, interracial couple exists because there is mutual love and respect. As long as these two virtues exist in the relationship, the black woman is justified to be in an interracial love.


    There are numerous reasons for black womento be in an interracial relationship and in this day and age no one should dictate to a black woman who she should or should not love.

  • 5 Online Dating Tips for Black Women Interested in Dating White Men Posted by Admin

    Have you ever wondered how you can improve your chances of finding a dashing white man online?

    If yes, this post is for you.

    Here you’ll learn 5 tips that will help you have a whale of time dating white men online.

    1. Join a Black & White dating site

    There are all kinds of dating sites out there. Some are generic, that is, for all. Some others are specific to only certain types of people.

    Interracial dating sites are those that encourage people to find someone special outside of their race. However, there are many subtypes under this, too.

    If you’re a black woman looking for a handsome white man, you should become a member of a black & white dating site.

    How you should choose such a site? That’s discussed next.

    2. Ask around

    Black & White dating sites are a dime a dozen, but finding a good one might take some doing. Don’t make the mistake of committing to the first Black & White dating site you come across, because there are many that are just mediocre at best and some that are outright useless.

    Ask your friends for recommendations. You can also search online for experts’ reviews of top Black & White dating sites. Also check membership demographic, customer testimonials, and other information before deciding which Black & White dating site is best for you.

    3. Take a paid membership

    All dating sites offer two types of membership—paid and free. Free members enjoy only limited features, which are usually insufficient for finding interesting dates.

    If you’re serious about dating white men, do yourself a huge favor and take a paid membership. There are several black & white dating sites that offer a slew of advanced features at reasonable prices.

    4. Keep your expectations realistic

    There’s no magical shortcut to finding love. While online dating sites increases your chances to meet interesting white men, you’ll have to do some legwork. Follow the best online dating practices likes the ones below to further improve your chances of finding a spectacular date.

    Know in advance what you want

    Have engaging conversations with your suitors

    Send the first message to someone whose profile you happen to like Many women feel uncomfortable in approaching a man first, even on dating sites. While usually men are the ones to send the first message, research shows that women who send the first message are two-and-a-half times more likely to get a response than men who send the first message.

    So take the cue. If you like a white man on the dating site, shoot him a message.

    5. Add a profile photo—and more the merrier

    A selfie on a dating site can worth a thousand words. However, ensure your profile photo shows only you and is a good one. That said, don’t just add a profile photo; upload a few more, all of good quality and showing you in the best light.

    On a interracial dating site, your photos are your very first impression. Therefore, put in some effort and showcase yourself in the best way possible.

  • Important tips for white women who are in love with a married black man Posted by Admin

    A lot of white women these days are open to the idea of dating a black man which is a big contrast to 20 years ago where interracial relationships were not socially acceptable. When people saw an interracial couple in the street, they were often greeted with the disapproving look but things have changed now and society is more minded, however, in certain circumstances, most white women find themselves falling head over heels in love with a black man who is married. When this happens what should they do? Here are a few important tips for white women who are in love with a married black man.

    1. Try to not sacrifice yourself for the man:

    It is very important for every woman out there black or white to think the exact same way a man would think if they want to be happy in their love life. There are not many men out who are ruining their lives because of the woman in their life because there is this idea that most men do not put their love life first especially if they are looking to succeed in life. This is part of the reason why most men look happier than women because love is blind and millions of women everywhere are willing to change locations, leave family and friends behind, drop out of school or even put future plans on hold for the sake of a man. This is the wrong way to go by things even if the guy is not married to anyone, however, if he happens to be married, this can be a kick in the teeth. It is a massive blow because as a woman in love, you are giving up a piece of yourself for a person who is always taken. Over time it will make you resentful which is never a good thing. Look at the man for what he is and if he is telling little white lies just to keep around, it is time to re-evaluate the interracial relationship you have.

    2. You can leverage the relationship:

    If you can somehow better your lifestyle in the process like have the man pay for your bills, buy you a car or a home, fund your trips and buy you expensive gifts, when things go south and not working anymore, you will at least have something to show for the time spent together. It can be seen as cruel in the eyes of other people but if he is playing you along while he is married, that is a good way to get back at him.

    3. Stay true to yourself:

    You have to be really honest with yourself when dealing with a married man because if he is still married to his wife, he has no plans to leave her. Many men have the tendency of dating a woman until she starts to expect more from him then he leaves her for another. The cold hard truth is most guys will take a woman for a ride for as long as they allow him to hence why you have to be true to yourself so that you are not seen as doormat.

  • How to save money on your quest to finding interracial love Posted by Admin

    The one thing that most people don’t understand is going on a bad date is very harmful to their bank account or finances. Finding love is not cheap at all especially in this day and age we live in however, worry not, here are some very useful interracial dating tips to help you not break the bank when looking for interracial love.

    I.Always be 100% honest when creating your online profile

    The internet is the one place where people are meeting their potential partners these days and it is very important to ensure that your online profile reflects who you really are as a person. While many people want to appear as the best version of themselves online, a few white lies here and there can lead to a disappointing date when you do meet up with potential matches. Saying you are a football fan for example while you haven’t watched a single game or understand the sport can lead to a terrible date where you listen to your date go on and on about their favorite team. If you are upfront about the things you dislike and like, they less likely you will be on a date with someone you are not compatible with.

    II.Always look for people who are compatible with you

    It is good to be matched up with people who share the same interests as you because it makes for wonderful conversations when you meet up, however, if you are compatible that is even better. If you and your date share the same traits as far as personality is concerned, the chances of having a good date are very high. Look beyond the same taste in music, food, and movies, if you have similarities in lifestyle sparks will fly very quickly.

    III.Know each other for at least a week before arranging a date

    One of the best things about online interracial dating is you get the chance to speak to someone for a while before you actually meet them. Although your opinion about them might change when you get to meet them in the flesh, it is always worth building a rapport about any potential dates. This lets you know if you will have a good conversation in person with them or not. If you cannot get more than 2 words out of your date when you message them it is best to keep it moving and take the party elsewhere.

    IV.Speak on the phone

    Arranging a phone call with your potential date is also a wonderful way to that can help you save a fortune on your quest to finding interracial love. Text messages alone are not enough for you to make a judgment on whether you and the person you are speaking with have a connection or not, a 10-minute phone call does. Hearing a person’s voice on the other line can put you at ease and answer the questions whether you are compatible or not.

  • Benefits of dating an interracial partner Posted by Admin

    Mixed-race dating and marriages are becoming more and more common every day. However, this wasn’t the case a few decades ago. Richard and Mildred Loving were thrown in jail for getting married because Richard was a white man while Mildred was a black woman. They decided to stand up against this bias and had to sacrifice a big portion of their lives fighting against the system. In the year 1967, a law was passed which made interracial marriages legal all over the United States and banned any laws that existed opposing this.

    Interracial dating is a beautiful thing. You date each other for love but end up learning so much more than you initially had thought. We have made a list of benefits of dating an interracial partner to remind you of little things that you may have overlooked.

    1. LOVE

    The main reason for dating anyone and wanting to spend time with them is because you like them. Love doesn’t happen based on the color of the skin. However, it does play a role in the relationship where the couple decides whether race becomes a positive aspect of the relationship or a negative one.

    2. CULTURE

    When you start dating someone from another ethnicity or race, you also start learning about their traditions and moral values. Every culture is different than the next one. That’s what makes it beautiful and special. Being able to share traditions and values from your culture with the person you love is a beautiful experience.


    We all think that we know what racism is. We are aware of the stories in the news. Thinking that someone is inferior to you because their skin color is different than yours is a horrible way to judge someone. When you date someone who belongs to a different race and background, you start to hear stories and see things from their point of view. It will prove very beneficial for you and help you look at things from a fresh point of view.


    You start to share things with your partner when you are in a biracal relationship . One of the many things that you share is your friends. It is very common for couples to introduce their partner to their good friends. A lot of the times, your partner will develop a good rapport with one of your friends or vice-versa. It is an amazing feeling to know that your dear friend gets along with your partner. Another important aspect is that you also learn about different cultures and educate yourself.

    5. COMFORT

    Stepping out from your comfort zone and meeting people from different cultures or backgrounds can be scary. But, it is also one of the most beautiful things that you will do in your life.

    Dating someone from a different race certainly does have its challenges. But it also has its fair share of positive aspects. Making friends and being in a relationship with someone from another culture or race will not only teach you a lot but it will also beautify you as a person and help you expand your horizon.