• BLACK WHITE DATING: 4 Actions to take if he is still speaking to his ex Posted by Admin

    Nothing is more disturbing than knowing that your boyfriend has been secretly speaking to their ex behind your back. This is uncomfortable and weird and can make you feel like calling it quits as far as the biracial relationship is concerned, however, there are a few actions that you can take that might save the relationship.

    1. Confront him regarding the situation and tell him how you honestly feel

    Do not sugar coat anything because this is a very serious matter. Tell him how much this is bothering you and making you feel. Don't put the full blame on him because there could be a logical reason he is speaking with an ex. Get to the bottom of it, understand what is going on by confronting him in a way that is respectful without losing your rag. It will make him open up more about what is really happening instead of bending the truth. Being aggressive will only make him have his guard up and keep his cards close to his chest which will not the situation at all.

    2. Understand why there is a dialogue with his ex

    This goes hand in hand with the point above and it is not out of the ordinary for two people who once dated to remain close friends. Even though there is this firm believe that people of the opposite sex cannot be friends but there are people out there who are exactly that, friends.

    3. Look into the length of time its been since their break up

    The length of time it has been since their break up is very important because you want to know things like how long it's been, whether it was before he met you, if they still have feelings for each other or are they just friends. You will get all the answers to the questions you have in your head by knowing the length of time its been since their break up. If it has been a month for example since their break then that will raise a few red flags because you will be wondering if they broke up because of you. If you are feeling uneasy about the whole situation and want answers, confront him away from his ex and hear his side of the story. The last thing you want is to get into a car fight with his ex-lover. Just like the point mentioned above, be calm in your approach as that is the only way he will open up to you and be frank. Any form of aggression on your end will not get any truthful answers from him.

    4. If you feel yourself getting upset or angry, take a moment to cool off

    When you play the super spy on him and uncover things that you are not happy with, just take a few moments to cool off. Try to get to the bottom of what is really going on before you respond to him or react. Give him a chance to explain because sometimes things are not always as they seem. If he is sending his ex flirt messages or nudes, on the other hand, walk away from the interracial relationship and spare yourself the heartache.

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