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  • Tips on Pursuing a Black and White Romance for Men Posted by Admin

    ell, first things first. It’s so much easier now to pursue a black and white relationship as a single man than it was just a few decades ago. People are more open-minded today, and even though racism is far from defeated, people are generally more accepting.

    However, if you’ve never dated a white woman before and someone shows interest in you, or you in them, then it might help to remember a few tips. .

    Family is Family. Bringing home a black man to meet mom and dad probably isn’t going to be a scandal but there might be some awkwardness. Usually, family is self-conscious about black and white dating but they don’t want to be perceived as racist. So they may make strange comments that are generally supportive, but that seem slightly critical or even a little dopey.

    It happens, but you really have to just laugh that stuff off. As long as they don’t have hostility in their voice, it’s usually just an attempt to befriend you and show you that they do approve of their daughter’s choices.

    Sometimes you have to just forgive silly white people when they inadvertently mention stereotypes or make politically incorrect comments. You can always be assertive and correct them if they say something offensive, but since you are trying to get along, there’s no reason to make an ugly scene.

    Chances are, your date is probably twice as nervous as you are and doesn’t want there to be any negative energy. Sometimes good humor is the best way to diffuse tension. Letting the family know you’re affable and good-natured will go a long way in helping everyone to loosen up and enjoy themselves.

    It could be racism, or maybe a silly belief in keeping genetics unmixed. Usually though, it’s related to petty jealousy. Maybe they think that a successful black man dates white women as some kind of social proof or trophy. But that’s simply not the case. A man is free to date who he wants, and all he expects is for society—especially his own brothers and sisters—to be understanding.

    It may be exceptionally difficult if the black woman objecting is your own mother or sister! In this case, you do have to be respectful but still assertive in your disagreement. Don’t let them intimidate you, but respond with a view towards agreement, not conflict.

    True, stereotypes exist and politically incorrect jokes are always coming at you from friends and strangers alike. But that’s sometimes the price we all pay for following our hearts. Rest assured though, if you are strong you can endure the opposition. You can be a “rock” for the woman who likes you. She will value your confidence and positive attitude and realize you’re not a boy, but a real man worth committing to.

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