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    The dating game is a fun one, but it can become complicated when you play outside the rules. For a white woman dating someone with a different racial background, things change up a little. Love should be blind to the colour of someone's skin. While love can be blind, it can't be ignorant. Dating someone of colour or a different ethnic background to your own is inevitably more complicated.

    This doesn't meant that you shouldn't date outside your race. It just means that if you're a white girl dating someone of colour, you need to be aware. Just like dating anyone, there are certain things you need bear in mind. You can't afford to maintain a biracial relationship with an ignorant attitude. This article is here to help white woman keep an open mind in a biracial relationship of white women black men.

    Don't ignore racism

    Racism does exist. It is naive and ignorant to say that it doesn't. If you can't acknowledge the fact that someone of colour experiences racial prejudice, then you shouldn't date them. You need to understand the racism your partner and your partner's ancestors has experience in order to maintain a happy relationship with them.

    You're still white

    Just because you're dating a black person doesn't mean you are on the same level as your partner's friends and family members. Just as your partner will acknowledge their racial background, you need to acknowledge yours. Whether it's a background of white privilege or socio-economic disadvantage, it's a much easier background without racial tensions. Even with your coloured partner, you're still a white girl and you need both need to remember this!

    Brace yourself for ignorance

    Not everyone in the world is ready for biracial relationships. When you are out and about with your partner, people are inevitably going to notice that your skin colours are different or your facial features are different. People will stare. People may even make ignorant comments. It is more a reflection on them than it is on you. After all, you can't judge a book by its cover.

    This may also include your family and friends. You need to be aware of how your family feels about certain racial elements before bringing up the topic of your interracial relationship. Take into account their concerns and apprehensions when you talk to them about it. Just keep reminding your family and friends that happiness is stronger than cultural differences.

    Society loves mixed race babies, but not mixed race couples

    Generally speaking, there is a fetish trend over mixed race babies. Everyone loves the caramel skin and light eyed combination, sure. However, society still doesn't treat mixed race couples well, even though without them these beautiful babies wouldn't exist. It is a slow process but societal expectations are getting better. Just remember, you and your partner will be part of the change of perceptions about biracial couples. This is a powerful statement to have, while experiencing genuine happiness with someone you care about at the same time!

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